Daily Operations: The 8-Ring Circus


Create an organizational structure and routines that supports your operations and brand. Determine who you will allow to answer your business phone. Analyze whether your amenities and hospitality gestures reflect your stated guest experience. Balancing business and hospitality is the challenge of innkeeping that separates success innkeepers from everyone else. This eBook will help put you in the category of successful  innkeeper.




  • What’s The “Balancing Act” For Your Daily Operations?
  • Innkeeping Operations — Managing The “Big Top”
  • Organizational Structures
  • The Inn Experience
  • Your B&B Management Plan
  • Telephone Or Cash Register?
  • Phone Scripts
  • The Art And Science Of Taking Reservations
  • Checking Your Guests In And Out
  • Staffing Your Inn
  • Avoiding Innkeeper Burnout
  • Are You Up To Snuff?

43 pages (PDF is 1.5MB)