I’ve been a hospitality consultant since 1987. Becoming a Certified High Performance Coach augmented my consulting skills by teaching me a different way of guiding people. Higher success is an obvious goal, but I now help you go beyond that: to increased happiness and fulfillment. Having entered the lodging industry in 1985, innkeeping is deeply ingrained in my soul. Blending my passion for the industry with my love of coaching sets me apart from other consultants in the field.

As a hospitality consultant I work with you on the issues that are most pressing to you so you can overcome the problems, resolve issues, and wrap your mindset around new ways of thinking to help you improve your inn operations. We’ll delve into how technology beneficially intersects your inn operations, marketing with major effect and minimal expense, polishing daily operations that support the expectation you set for your guests, and improving your staffing performance, to name just a few of the challenges you face.

How is a hospitality coach different from a hospitality consultant? I help you find and express your truths about innkeeping and living. Those truths are used to elevate you to greater success and joy, and to more fulfillment. It’s my experience that you already have the answers to most of the questions you have about innkeeping and life you. When I help you uncover or discover those answers, the truths that come out with them have a domino effect in making other changes in your life and at the inn.

I then help you put those revelations into context so you can leverage them to reach “High Performance”. What does that mean? High performers have five qualities that help them perform their best. They consistently have more clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence than their peers. They experience more satisfying lives at work and at home. Those are realities you will enjoy too.

High Performance means succeeding beyond standard norms consistently over the long-term. How can you achieve that level of success? That’s exactly what I do. The coaching process I employ addresses your overall life, including your psychology, physiology, productivity, people skills, and purpose. I’ll ask penetrating questions as part of delivering a emotionally engaging sessions that helps you discover deep insights and generate major breakthroughs. Those insights and breakthroughs contribute to your improved success and happiness as an innkeeper.

There are several ways you can get started with coaching. Review the Live In Focused Energy (LIFE) Coaching Options, all of which start with a risk-free two-hour Strategy Session. Or, for a more personalized conversation, drop me a note via my contact page.