Show Me The Money! (Great Expectations)


Ascertain if you have the money you need to buy and create the bed and breakfast you desire. Understand how you’ll create income and manage expenses to generate a bottom line that’s viable for you. Contemplate other income streams you can produce from your B&B operation so you make even more money. Money is at the core of your B&B decision. Do you have enough and can you make enough are the basics of that decision. Use the Money eBook to ensure your B&B business’ financial health.




  • What’s The The “Balancing Act” For Money In Your B&B?
  • Buying OR Selling An Inn
  • Financing Your Inn
  • Acquisition Hurdles
  • Your Inn’s Cash Flow
  • Projecting Your B&B’s Income
  • Projecting Your B&B’s Expenses
  • Getting To Breakeven In Your B&B
  • Other Income Ideas
  • Tax Advantages — In A Nutshell
  • Payroll And Taxes
  • Bookkeeping
  • Worksheet: Create A Cash Flow Analysis For Your B&B Dream
  • Worksheet: Record Your Financial Picture

47 pages(PDF is 261K)

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