B&B/Boutique Inn Ebooks

My eBooks and Quick Guides get you up to speed quickly on buying and operating a B&B or small boutique inn.

Sage Blossom Consulting was the first to offer innkeeping education via eBooks. They’re broken down into distinct topics to let your learning fit your needs: read sequentially or hop around. I reveal hard-won innkeeping secrets that will help ensure your hospitality business is viable, as it should be.

Developing a complete knowledge of small hospitality property purchase and profitable innkeeping is critical for success. Many innkeepers skip that step and struggle with their lodging success. Whether you are starting at the beginning or regrouping for success, these eBooks are for you.

You can choose from the complete set of all of them at a special discount price, a set with what you need before buying an inn, and a set of what you need to know about operating an inn. And each title is available individually, too.

The books are in standard PDF format for easy reading on your computer, or printing. You can download them immediately after purchase.

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“I have been reading your material and it is full of good advice. As an attorney I appreciate your detailed treatment of the subject and as a possible (second career) innkeeper I am being challenged to think through my visions and plans.” — Kent Crow, Aspiring Innkeeper

The Complete Set

Details About the Complete Set, or see below for its components: it’s “all of them.”

The Buying Series

This eBook with two Quick Guides will give you a foundation for how to buy a B&B inn. Buying a bed and breakfast is unlike buying a house. Make your journey a positive and successful one. Approach your B&B purchase professionally and like the business you want to buy.

This package consists of:

Details/Ordering for the Buying Series.

“I really enjoyed Buying a B&B Inn. While some areas reaffirmed information in other books that I’ve been reading, I was able to learn so much about several other aspects of the Inn search! Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive document all in one place. It will certainly be a huge help as I go through this process.” —Leanne Saylor, new innkeeper of Cincinatti’s Weller Haus B&B, Newport, Kentucky

The Seminar Series

These five eBooks are each from a half-day module of my In-depth Seminar, The Innkeeping Balancing Act: Business vs Hospitality, on being a successful innkeeper. Information found in these eBooks is based on what I’ve learned from innkeepers across the U.S and Canada as well as in Europe. I’ve learned from successful and struggling innkeepers alike, and from innkeepers of a wide range of inn sizes. Absorb details that will help you gain profits more readily.

This package consists of:

Details/Ordering for the Seminar Series.

“Wow! What great information! I’m a little overwhelmed (ok, more than a little). This helps me form my offer and word it in such a way that all caveats are covered. I have a lot of research to do with laws. I’m putting you on retainer!” —Shelly Davis, Aspiring Innkeeper

The Daily Operations Series

These Guides were developed for those wanting some quick assistance in a specific area. Don’t recreate the wheel: learn from successful innkeepers who have gone before you. Use the checklists and manuals as templates. They provided examples will fill in the gaps of your knowledge and spark your imagination for ways to improve your bed and breakfast business.

These Titles are Only Available Individually or In the Complete Set:

“This is fabulous detail, and very professional. I am used to this level of professionalism having just retired as a vice president from one of the major banks in the country.” — Peggy O’Dell, Graduate Student in Ohio

Again, The Complete Set

Details About the Complete Set.

“Your eBooks are good, and I learned quite a few things from them. In the Marketing eBook I especially like the way you worked through branding. The concept is very difficult for the average person to understand. It’s part discipline, I think, and many people don’t want to stay disciplined or focused. We can’t be everything to all people. Regarding the worksheets found in each book, I think these are very useful, but only if the people work at them seriously and honestly.” —Bobbi Zane, Editor and Publisher of the Yellow Brick Road, the former newsletter of Innsight for Aspiring Innkeepers