• Do you know everything you need to be a successful innkeeper?
  • Do you have time for classes?

If you answered “no” to either question, then my eBooks and Quick Guides are your solution. Sage Blossom Consulting was the first to offer bed and breakfast education via eBooks. Now that information is available to anyone in the boutique hotel industry. The eBooks are broken down into distinct topics to let your learning fit your needs: read sequentially or hop around. What you invest in these eBooks will come back to you ten if not one hundred fold from what you learn from them. Secrets are revealed that will make your hospitality business viable, as it should be. Developing a complete knowledge for your bed and breakfast purchase and profitable innkeeping is critical for success. Many innkeepers skip that step and struggle with their lodging success. Whether you are starting at the beginning or regrouping for success, these eBooks are for you.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the info in these publications! The information you’ve provided is invaluable! There are things in there that I never would have thought of — until it was too late! Knowing I have a resource to refer to will help calm the anxiety of my first check-in. The checklists will be such a valuable tool, and nothing like them is available in any of the books we’ve read about starting/owning an Inn. I’m so glad I purchased your e-books. Thank you.” — Victoria Pierce, Yellow Farmhouse Inn, Waitsfield, Vermont

“I have been reading your material and it is full of good advice. As an attorney I appreciate your detailed treatment of the subject and as a possible (second career) innkeeper I am being challenged to think through my visions and plans.” — Kent Crow, Aspiring Innkeeper

“There is so much excellent information from your ebooks, even though I’ve been doing this work for a while. We are in the process of writing our Operations Manual, and the structure provided in the eBooks and eGuides will make a positive difference. Thank you for all the professional work you have put in to these books and for your willingness to share them.” — Colleen Reeves, Red Corral Ranch, Wimberley, Texas

Buy one or buy the whole set in bundles — design your own education program! The books are sent via email. The bundles are designed to launch your research quickly and save you money.

My extensive background in the B&B industry can help you get a good start in whatever aspect of the boutique lodging industry you are in or entering. Read the six how-to books to enhance your success as an innkeeper. Learn how to buy and how to operate a bed and breakfast for maximum results, or to keep your edge with your boutique hotel. Having the information from my eBooks at your fingertips will assist you in your quest for success. Support your operations with my two Quick Guides about job checklists/job descriptions and operations manual– mostly aimed at the bed and breakfast operator.

Most people focus on buying a B&B first.

The Buying Series

This eBook with two Quick Guides will give you a foundation for how to buy a B&B inn. Buying a bed and breakfast is unlike buying a house. Make your journey a positive and successful one. Approach your B&B purchase professionally and like the business you want to buy. Buy these books individually, just below, or in a money saving bundle found at the bottom of the page.

  • Buying a B&B Inn — $99.97
    Buy with confidence backed with the wisdom in this eBook. The content combines my 12 years experiences as a B&B broker, knowledge from the B&B appraiser and other B&B brokers, input from other lodging brokers, and my 20 years in the business. The insights you gain from my eBook on Buying a B&B Inn makes the buying process less mysterious, more enjoyable, and successful.

– What’s The “Balancing Act” For Buying Your B&B?
– Beginning Your Search
– Your B&B Business Plan
– Forms Of Ownership For You To Consider
– Hiring a B&B Broker Or Consultant
– General Thoughts On Buying A B&B
– Pricing An Inn
– Your Inn’s Cash Flow
– Projecting Income
– Cash Flow Analysis
– Maintenance
– Inspections
– Business Review
– Level Of Amenities
– Legal
– Growth Potential
– Additional Sources Of Income
– Putting the Puzzles Pieces Together
– Making The Offer
–    State-approved Form versus Letter Of Intent
–    Pre-offer Decicions
–    The Purchase Offer
– Steps To Closing
– Conclusion
– Reading

— 76 pages (PDF is 3648K)
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  • Questions B&B Buyers Should Ask — $29.97
    Make your buying experience a positive one. Knowing what questions to ask can make the difference between buying the inn you expected to and buying a “bill of goods”. Asking the right questions will improve your business decisions and increase your chance at success in the B&B business. This Quick Guide offers suggestions for questions you should ask of various people as you conduct your search and enter negotiations for the purchase of your ideal B&B inn.

The content includes a list of questions to ask:
– Yourself
– Your Broker
– The Seller
– Regulatory Officials
– Others

— 51 pages, 85 questions (PDF is 248K)
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  • B&B Inspection Pointers and Checklist — $29.97
    Perform some ealy due diligence and conduct a visual inspection as you review the properties that can work for your B&B. This checklist doesn’t replace a professional inspection, but it can help you save time and money by highlighting the “lemons” and “cherries”. If you find a “lemon” you can keep moving without spending the time writing an offer and having an inspection done. If you find a “cherry” you can proceed with your purchase. This Quick Guide gives you the tool you need to screen B&Bs as you look so you won’t have surprises later.

Inspections Areas:
– Exterior
– Structure
– Interior
– Electrical
– Heating/Air Conditioning
– Plumbing
– Basement/Crawlspace/Cellar/Slab

— 30 pages, over 300 questions/issues to pay attention to (PDF is 132K)
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“I really enjoyed Buying a B&B Inn. While some areas reaffirmed information in other books that I’ve been reading, I was able to learn so much about several other aspects of the Inn search! Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive document all in one place. It will certainly be a huge help as I go through this process.” —Leanne Saylor, new innkeeper of Cincinatti’s Weller Haus B&B, Newport, Kentucky

“Wow! What great information! I’m a little overwhelmed (ok, more than a little). This helps me form my offer and word it in such a way that all caveats are covered. I have a lot of research to do with laws. I’m putting you on retainer!” —Shelly Davis, Aspiring Innkeeper


Buying your inn wisely is a critical element of your success. Remember that operations are another important element. Don’t leave your innkeeping education to the last. Be proactive in striving for success and avoiding mistakes.

The Seminar Series

These five eBooks are each from a half-day module of my In-depth Seminar, The Innkeeping Balancing Act: Business vs Hospitality, on being a successful innkeeper. Information found in these eBooks is based on what I’ve learned from innkeepers across the U.S and Canada as well as in Europe. I’ve learned from successful and struggling innkeepers alike, and from innkeepers of a wide range of inn sizes. Absorb details that will help you gain profits more readily.

  • Building a Good Foundation: So You Don’t Find Yourself In A Hole — $20.97
    Understand your strengths and weaknesses so you can buy the “right” B&B and develop the business that suits your style. Learn what the B&B experience means to you so you can attract guests who want what you will offer in ambiance and hospitality. Ascertain how the B&B trends will shape and support your bed and breakfast operations to better success. A strong foundation creates a stable and viable business model from which you will enjoy and profit. Start with the <i>Foundation</i> eBook for the rudiments of your success.

– What’s The “Balancing Act” for Your Foundation
– The Entrepreneurial Innkeeper’s Characteristics
– Is Innkeeping For You?
– Worksheet: List Your Strengths
– Worksheet: List Your Weaknesses
– The B&B Model
– Defining B&Bs
– B&B Trends
– Personality Types You’ll Encounter
– Achieving Excellence
– Goals
– Worksheet: Your Innkeeping Goals
– Worksheet: What Is Innkeeping To You?
– Worksheet: What Innkeeping Isn’t
– Branding And The Guest Experience
– Rules And Policies Of Your B&B
– Worksheet: Your B&B Dream
– Reading List

— 50 pages (PDF is 480K)
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  • Planning Your Business: Getting A Handle On The Nuances Of Implementing Your Idea — $20.97

    Research your business concept to make sure you get the results you want and deserve. Evaluate whether the location and the number of guestrooms you are considering will allow you to make the money you desire. Hone your market niche for success. Solid research lets you modify your plans before you put money into the project and to create a profitable situation. This eBook is your planning guide.

– What’s The “Balancing Act” For Your Business Planning
– Time Lines And The B&B Project
– Market Investigation
– Questions To Ask In Your Investigation
– Topics To Research
– Answer Sources
– Food And Your B&B
– Is There A Restaurant In Your B&B Future?
– Your B&B Business Plan
– Forms Of Ownership
– Worksheet: Your Market Niche
– Worksheet: Who’s Part Of Your Management Team
– Worksheet: What Happens If Your Inn Fails?
– Worksheet: List Your Local Competition
– Property Comparison
– The Start-up Versus Turnkey B&B Purchase
– Americans With Disabilities Act As Applied To B&Bs
– ADA Resources
– Insuring Your B&B Inn
– Decorating Your B&B Inn
– Color Your Inn For Success
– Reading List

— 75 pages (PDF is 336K)
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  • Show Me The Money! (Great Expectations) — $20.97

    Ascertain if you have the money you need to buy and create the bed and breakfast you desire. Understand how you’ll create income and manage expenses to generate a bottom line that’s viable for you. Contemplate other income streams you can produce from your B&B operation so you make even more money. Money is at the core of your B&B decision. Do you have enough and can you make enough are the basics of that decision. Use the Money eBook to ensure your B&B business’ financial health.

– What’s The The “Balancing Act” For Money In Your B&B?
– Buying OR Selling An Inn
– Financing Your Inn
– Acquisition Hurdles
– Your Inn’s Cash Flow
– Projecting Your B&B’s Income
– Projecting Your B&B’s Expenses
– Getting To Breakeven In Your B&B
– Other Income Ideas
– Tax Advantages — In A Nutshell
– Payroll And Taxes
– Bookkeeping
– Worksheet: Create A Cash Flow Analysis For Your B&B Dream
– Worksheet: Record Your Financial Picture
– Reading List

— 53 pages(PDF is 264K)
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  • Marketing: Standing Out From The Competition — $20.97

    Brand your inn to attract the people you enjoy serving, creating more success with less effort. Learn where to promote your B&B and how to do it most effectively. Write a viable marketing plan to map out your successful path. Your marketing budget is closely aligned with your success; it’s sacred and can’t be trimmed when money gets tight. The Marketing eBook will share secrets you can “take to the bank”.

– What’s The “Balancing Act” For Your Inn Marketing?
– Marketing 101
– Branding Worksheet: Business Sources
– Benefit Selling
– Worksheet: Benefit Selling — FABulous Reasons For Your Guests To Buy
– Marketing Rules-Of-Thumb
– Active Voice Writing
– Worksheet: An Active-Voice Writing Experience
– Web Site Versus Brochure
– Professional B&B Photography
– Print 101
– Brochure Design And Content
– The Pros And Cons Of A Having A Media Bag And Using A Press Kit
– Your Press Release Style
– Sample Press Release
– Reading List

— 50 pages (PDF is 260K)
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  • Daily Operations: The 8-Ring Circus — $20.97

    Create an organizational structure and routines that supports your operations and brand. Determine who you will allow to answer your business phone. Analyze whether your amenities and hospitality gestures reflect your stated guest experience. Balancing business and hospitality is the challenge of innkeeping that separates success innkeepers from everyone else. This eBook will help put you in the category of successful  innkeeper.

– What’s The “Balancing Act” For Your Daily Operations?
– Innkeeping Operations — Managing The “Big Top”
– Organizational Structures
– The Inn Experience
– Your B&B Management Plan
– Telephone Or Cash Register?
– Phone Scripts
– The Art And Science Of Taking Reservations
– Checking Your Guests In And Out
– Staffing Your Inn
– Avoiding Innkeeper Burnout
– Are You Up To Snuff?
– Reading List

— 48 pages (PDF is 1.46MB)
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“This is fabulous detail, and very professional. I am used to this level of professionalism having just retired as a vice president from one of the major banks in the country.” — Peggy O’Dell, Graduate Student in Ohio

“Your eBooks are good, and I learned quite a few things from them. In the Marketing eBook I especially like the way you worked through branding. The concept is very difficult for the average person to understand. It’s part discipline, I think, and many people don’t want to stay disciplined or focused. We can’t be everything to all people. Regarding the worksheets found in each book, I think these are very useful, but only if the people work at them seriously and honestly.” —Bobbi Zane, Editor and Publisher of the Yellow Brick Road, the former newsletter of Innsight for Aspiring Innkeepers

Jump Start Your Inn’s Daily Operations

Quick Guides

These Guides were developed for those wanting some quick assistance in a specific area. Don’t recreate the wheel. Learn from successful innkeepers who have gone before you. Use the checklists and manuals as templates. They provided examples will fill in the gaps of your knowledge and spark your imagination for ways to improve your bed and breakfast business.

  • Job Description and Checklists — $18.97

    Streamline your employee training and daily operations. These job descriptions and checklists will help you organize your days and employees. Enhance your hospitality and service with the consistency that comes from using checklists. Airline pilots use checklists to ensure all details are attended to for a successful flight. Their wisdom is now yours.

– Breakfast Shift
– Housekeeping Shift
– Evening Shift
– Innkeeper Responsibilities
– Breakfast Duties Checklist
– Breakfast Duties Checklist
– Housekeeping Duties Checklist
– Evening Duties Checklist
– Shopping List

— 23 pages (PDF is 132K)
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  • Operations Manual — $18.97

    Augment your operations and training with thorough manuals covering how to run the inn. Dump your brains onto paper so others know what you know about running and managing the inn. You’ll step away from the inn for any number of reasons — vacation, illness, or emergency. These manuals will let others step into your shoes to keep the inn going as if you were there. Ensure your business viability as you ease your mind by creating your own Operations Manual with the help of this Quick Guide.

– Procedures Manual
– Policies Manual
– Employee Guidelines
– Technical Operations
– Emergency Handling
– Phone Script
– Sample Guest “Letter”

— 25 pages (PDF is 152K)
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Save on eBook Bundles

These packages bundle books from above — with a discount.

  • Seminar Ebook Collection: How-To Series — $119.97

    Includes eBooks 1-5 PLUS eGuides 1-2, and the bonus “Cooking in the ‘B&B Lady’s’ Kitchen” cookbook; Save $22.82

  • Buying Ebook Collection: The Buying Series — $129.97

    Includes eBook 6 PLUS eGuides 3-4; Save $29.94

  • The Complete Collection: All of Kit’s Boutique Inn Ebooks — $249.97

    Includes the entire collection: eBooks 1-6 PLUS eGuides 1-4, and the bonus “Cooking in the ‘B&B Lady’s’ Kitchen” cookbook; Save $52.73