Building a Good Foundation: So You Don’t Find Yourself In A Hole


Understand your strengths and weaknesses so you can buy the “right” B&B and develop the business that suits your style. Learn what the B&B experience means to you so you can attract guests who want what you will offer in ambiance and hospitality. Ascertain how the B&B trends will shape and support your bed and breakfast operations to better success. A strong foundation creates a stable and viable business model from which you will enjoy and profit. Start with the Foundation eBook for the rudiments of your success.




  • What’s The “Balancing Act” for Your Foundation
  • The Entrepreneurial Innkeeper’s Characteristics
  • Is Innkeeping For You?
  • Worksheet: List Your Strengths
  • Worksheet: List Your Weaknesses
  • The B&B Model
  • Defining B&Bs
  • B&B Trends
  • Personality Types You’ll Encounter
  • Achieving Excellence
  • Goals
  • Worksheet: Your Innkeeping Goals
  • Worksheet: What Is Innkeeping To You?
  • Worksheet: What Innkeeping Isn’t
  • Branding And The Guest Experience
  • Rules And Policies Of Your B&B
  • Worksheet: Your B&B Dream

52 pages (PDF is 509K)

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