Buying a B&B Inn — An Insider’s Guide


Buy with confidence backed with the wisdom in this eBook. The content combines my 12 years experiences as a B&B broker, knowledge from the B&B appraiser and other B&B brokers, input from other lodging brokers, and my 20 years in the business. The insights you gain from my eBook on Buying a B&B Inn makes the buying process less mysterious, more enjoyable, and successful.




  • What’s The “Balancing Act” For Buying Your B&B?
  • Beginning Your Search
  • Your B&B Business Plan
  • Forms Of Ownership For You To Consider
  • Hiring a B&B Broker Or Consultant
  • General Thoughts On Buying A B&B
  • Pricing An Inn
  • Your Inn’s Cash Flow
  • Projecting Income
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Business Review
  • Level Of Amenities
  • Legal
  • Growth Potential
  • Additional Sources Of Income
  • Putting the Puzzles Pieces Together
  • Making The Offer
    • State-approved Form versus Letter Of Intent
    • Pre-offer Decicions
    • The Purchase Offer
  • Steps To Closing
  • Conclusion

74 pages (PDF is 364K)

Immediate download after purchase.