B&B Ebooks: Buying Set

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The Buying Collection is made of the incredibly important Buying a B&B Inn eBook, plus two Quick Guides to give you a foundation for how to buy a B&B inn. Buying a bed and breakfast is unlike buying a house. Make your journey a positive and successful one. Approach your B&B purchase professionally and like the business you want to buy.



This package consists of:

  • Buying a B&B Inn (Available separately for $99.97)
    Buy with confidence backed with the wisdom in this eBook. The content combines my 12 years experiences as a B&B broker, knowledge from the B&B appraiser and other B&B brokers, input from other lodging brokers, and my 20 years in the business. The insights you gain from my eBook on Buying a B&B Inn makes the buying process less mysterious, more enjoyable, and successful.
  • Questions B&B Buyers Should Ask (Available separately for $29.97)
    Make your buying experience a positive one. Knowing what questions to ask can make the difference between buying the inn you expected to and buying a “bill of goods”. Asking the right questions will improve your business decisions and increase your chance at success in the B&B business. This Quick Guide offers suggestions for questions you should ask of various people as you conduct your search and enter negotiations for the purchase of your ideal B&B inn.
  • B&B Inspection Pointers and Checklist (Available separately for $29.97)
    Perform some ealy due diligence and conduct a visual inspection as you review the properties that can work for your B&B. This checklist doesn’t replace a professional inspection, but it can help you save time and money by highlighting the “lemons” and “cherries”. If you find a “lemon” you can keep moving without spending the time writing an offer having an inspection done. If you find a “cherry” you can proceed with your purchase. This Quick Guide gives you the tool you need to screen B&Bs as you look so you won’t have surprises later.

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