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Make Sustainable Development Your Business

My goal with clients is to help them create a unique approach to adopting and implementing an environmental program. There are many ways to be environmentally sensitive and active as you run your hotel or lodging property. I'll help guide you through the maze of options and ideas.

Together we'll look at your specific situation to see what impact you presently have, what your upstream and downstream indirect impacts are, and what solutions can be implemented with short-, medium-, and long-range goals. If you are looking to save money and create a loyal employee and guest base, going green is the path for you.

Sage Blossom Consulting specializes in environmental solutions that not only help make you "green", but also add to your bottom line, and help attract guests looking to have less impact on the planet. My combined Environmental Conservation degree (University of Colorado, Boulder Campus, 1976) and 25 years of Hospitality experience combine to create a unique background for your benefit. Together we can pursue converting your green to gold in your hospitality business with specialized environmental program. I have consulted with clients in hotels, restaurants and housekeeping across the U.S. and abroad. I can help you too.

The article site geared toward the greening the hospitality industry:

Want to green your life, not just your hospitality business?

  • WeGetGreener, shares what we have done, and continue to do, to walk lightly, living a green and sustainable life.

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