You set the guest’s expectations, create the guest experience, and wrap the guest exit in a “ribbon”.

How do you stay congruent with your words, actions, and thoughts? How do you provide the level of excellence you promise? How do you engage and enchant your guests so they have a positive and lasting impression, and come back for more? How do you stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself so travelers can find you and become your guests?

The services I offer through Sage Blossom Consulting will help with all that and more.

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Topics include:

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Kit Cassingham is a Certified High Performance Coach to the hospitality industry. She coaches owners and managers of independent, boutique hotels to help them reconnect with the heart of their businesses — why they became innkeepers — so they can experience greater success and joy. Putting the heart back into hospitality, one innkeeper at a time.

Contact Kit at 970-626-6057 or by email.