Strategy Session Questionnaire

If you feel you can sharpen your focus to improve your performance in life, it’s time to hire a coach. This kind of growth is faster and more effective with guidance — the kind of guidance I offer as a Certified High Performance Coach. I’d love to work with you to help you sharpen your focus and become a higher performer.

For example, with sharper focus you can gain at least an hour a day, recouped from mis-spent time. You not only can get more work done, but do more of the things that you have wanted to do but didn’t have time for. When you sharpen your focus it’s easier to bring your life into balance.

You may want to get a taste of what coaching is like, or better understand if I am the person to help you on that journey. A Strategy Session is a free, one hour session for us to explore if we are a fit in your process of sharpening your focus and stepping up to your next level of higher performance.

Fill in this form and send me your answers. I’ll contact you to set up your free, one hour session. You’ll love it!

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